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Molecular Neurodevelopment Lab

Understanding the contribution of molecules to behaviour and disease

Welcome to the Molecular Neurodevelopment Lab!


Developmental processes play a huge role in determining who we are. Some of us are easygoing, some of us are introverted, some of us are quick to anger, some of us have quick reflexes, and small differences during development make a huge contribution in determining our uniqueness as individuals. Using a combination of larval, juvenile and adult zebrafish, we model different behaviours in the lab, and look at the molecular processes that drive the establishment of behaviour. 

On the other hand, severe defects in the process of development lead to disease or even premature death. Using zebrafish embryos that undergo external development, we try to understand what goes wrong in case of neurodevelopmental disorders by looking at the genetic, molecular and cellular levels. 


Amrutha Swaminathan

Molecular Neurodevelopment lab,

School of Biology, IISER Thiruvananthapuram,

Maruthamala PO, Vithura, Thiruvananthapuram 695551
Kerala, India


Phone: +91-471-2778348 (Amrutha) / +91-471-2778354 (Lab)

Twitter: @AmruthaSwamina1

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